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Bill Reidy, President , K&W Underground, Inc.Bill Reidy, President
K&W Underground, Inc.’s motto, “We dig your business,” manifests as theircalling card, signaling telecommunication providers in the mid-west that are looking to expand. As an expert in installation of underground communications networksK&W Underground, Inc. delivers robust gigabit connectivity across theregion,pavingthe way for its prosperity in a digitally connected world. The company provides 24x7 maintenance and emergency response services, and enables telecom providers to establish point-to-point network routes while minimizing telecom plant construction and excavation costs. K&W Underground, Inc. offers a full breadth of fiber optic cable installation services for new networks, including over pulling of existing conduit networks, conduit proofing, pull line installation for micro duct and micro fiber, and small to large count fiber for ISPs and OSPs. Not stopping there, the company provides fiber splicing, testing, and certification services. Their certified technicians and equipment provide affordable, high-quality splicing services for multiple telecom and municipal fiber network owners.

From a broader perspective, K&W Underground, Inc.’s extensive underground construction services portfolio includes street excavation and restoration, trenching, plowing, directional drilling and vacuum excavation, installation of multi-conduit packages and manholes, easements, budgeting, right of way negotiations, field walk-out, mapping, and inspection. The company also provides aerial telecom installation and maintenance services that entail copper, coax, fiber cabling, pole installation, and transfers of existing telecom networks. K&W Underground, Inc. positions itself as the one-stop-service provider for all telecommunication installation services, no matter the size.

When providers approach K&W Underground, Inc. with a request for proposal, the company offers suggestions on how to design the route in question and provides options that can circumvent any obstacle that may come in the way of establishing the network route. Their staff is highly experienced with all levels of construction best practices and permitting requirements. Thorough knowledge regarding existing conduit availability enables them to provide the most construct-able and cost-efficient routes. Upon approval of the final proposal, K&W Underground, Inc. will develop and maintain the route to ensure adequate network communication.

Our telecom providers dictate how they want their network infrastructure, we just concentrate our efforts on how to offer solutions to save them money

The K&W Underground, Inc. team also offer joint trench conduit packages- a unique service for telecom providersthat may want to partner with other providers when establishing a network in the same area to save on excavation costs and establish network routes cost-effectively.

Established in 1975 K&W Underground, Inc. was initially involved in local utility service construction. Later, witnessingthe exponential growth in the local Cable TV telecom business,the company started providing services in that direction—a strategic move which expanded their customer base. The next big turning point for K&W Underground, Inc. was the introduction of trenchless excavation and horizontal directional drilling, which marked the beginning of the company’s new excavation strategy when it came to setting up telecom infrastructures. Further, K&W Underground, Inc.introduced value-added services, including network route design and providing 24/7 emergency response and restoration services, which has now become a tremendous value proposition for blue-chip telecom companies all across the mid-west. The company’s 45 plus years of experience also helps themwith a keen awareness of working in the most difficult, congested, and complicated areas within central business districts for cities in the region.

“Our telecom providers dictate how they want their network infrastructure; we just concentrate on offering solutions that save them money,” says Bill Reidy, President of K&W Underground, Inc.

The company’sgreatest strength is their employees. Since 1975, they have been committed to recognizing employees for their hard work. They continue to provide an environment that promotes safety, innovation, and the promotion of successful people. The same spirit reflects in K&W Underground, Inc.’s management team that has been leading the company for over 15 years.They come with extensive knowledge about Kansas City’s telecom industry, history, and local telecom providers’ operational methods and networks.

As the industry continues to grow and the need for telecom networks increases, K&W Underground, Inc. aspires to grow and innovate while finding new methods for telecom infrastructure maintenance and installation.
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K&W Underground, Inc.

K&W Underground, Inc.

Olathe, KS

Bill Reidy, President

K&W Underground, Inc. is an industry leader in providing telecom construction services across the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area for over 45 years